Hi, I’m Baylor Enyart! I have always enjoyed taking pictures so I love being in Digital Media. Some other things I enjoy, are serving at Life.Church and teaching dance. A fun fact about me is that I have five siblings!



What’s up I’m Hanna Gallemore and I'm a junior this year. I've always loved YouTube and have been interested in the production side of things. I also love taking pictures and being in pictures. I play volleyball and serve at Life.Church in my free time. Some fun fact about me are that I like to sing, I was born in Washington, and my favorite food is baked potatoes.


Hi, I’m Alice Tugnetti. I’m 17 and I am a foreign exchange student from Italy. I’m in Digital Media because I like photography. I love music and all the food, but I love Italian food the most! Some fun facts about me: I did classical dance for ten years, I can play the violin, and I have never seen a horror movie.



What’s up? My name is Melody Sanders but you can call me Mel. I’m in Digital Media because I love interacting with people. I’m very uncoordinated and nonathletic. A fun fact about me: I’ve ridden dirt bikes my entire life.



Hey! My name is Mia Stephens, and I love photography and tech stuff. I like to read, watch the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs, and watch the Cardinals. I have one sister and a dog. I love hunting and fishing! Some fun facts about me, I love Chinese food, Twizzlers, and I laugh when I am nervous.


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